Harvest Gold Organics Silica
Harvest Gold Organics Silica
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Harvest Gold Organics Silica

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The Harvest Gold Organics Silica Difference

Harvest Gold Organics Silica is purified silica sand with naturally occurring nutrients harvested from gold telluride quartz-rich vein deposits from deep within the earth. Purified through a scientific process, this nutrient-rich compound has been shown to retain up to 40% more water, which provides the plant’s root system with extended contact with all nutrients and fertilizers — resulting in up to twice the yield versus untreated soils.* Unlike other silicas, that for the most majority are made up of a simple soluble silicon dioxide, Harvest Gold Silica is ORGANIC. The grower, in turn, receives a silica product that is not only a bounty of nutrients but also rich in environmental benefits.

Apply Harvest Gold Organics Silica and you’ll see the difference!

Gardens: Boost the yield of all your plants, whether you have a backyard plot or whole acres. Harvest Gold Silica has been shown to increase yields up to 200%* compared to untreated soils. *Actual results may vary. 

Lawns and Shrubbery: Add new beauty to ornamental lawns and strengthen active yards to stand up to kids, pets, and entertaining. Hedges and shrubs will also grow fuller and stronger throughout the season.

Indoor plants: Grow fuller plants in smaller spaces, help them acclimate better, and reduce plant stress. Best of all, Harvest Gold Silica helps save on water, fertilizer, time, and effort in caring for your plants, all year long.

Keep Harvest Gold Silica on hand all year long for healthier, stronger, more beautiful plants.

Harvest Gold Silica can be used as often as needed during any season or stage of your plant’s life, from germination to harvest. So keep plenty on hand for regular care and to help with stubborn soil or growth problems.

Use Harvest Gold Organics Silica with Every Type of Plant:

All-natural formula boosts growth, decreases soil acidity and reduces water and fertilizer use!

  • Herbs
  • Flowers
  • Trees
  • Vegetables
  • Shrubs
  • Lawns

Deliver powerful nutrients and minerals and retain water — scientifically proven to help boost plant yields.

Use Harvest Gold Silica's incredible natural properties to produce high-yielding, stronger, more vibrant plants. This highly purified natural resource holds water, fertilizer, and essential nutrients where they’re needed most: at the roots. You’ll be able to enrich any type of soil with Harvest Gold Silica’s unique composition.

Harvest Gold Silica’s decreases soil acidity, lessening the buildup of aluminum and other toxins that can stunt plant functions and growth. And this all-natural compound has no additives, no harsh chemicals, and no dyes.

Every container of Harvest Gold Organics Silica provides these purified minerals:

Silica (Si) (85%)

  • This beneficial substance, soluble Si, improves plant tolerance to stress
  • Improves water retention and nutrient release
  • Reinforces the structural integrity of the plant, making stems, walls, leaves and branches thicker and stronger

Available Phosphate (P2O5) (.03%)

Helps plants convert nutrients into usable building blocks with which to grow.

Soluble Potash (K2O) (0.12%)

Improves movement of water, nutrients & sugars

Calcium (Ca) (1%)

Promotes root development, protein synthesis, and the production of Vitamin B12

Magnesium (Mg) (0.2%)

Activate enzymes and provide essential support to produce chlorophyll, needed for photosynthesis

Sulphur (S) (.11%)

Helps transform proteins and distribute chlorophyll, increases root growth, and aids in transpiration and metabolic processes

Iron (Fe) (1%)

Helps enhance coloration and leaf respiration, and contributes directly to enzyme production

Manganese (Mn) (0.06%)

Increases photosynthesis and energy while improving growth

Sodium (Na)  (0.01%)

Aids plant metabolism, photosynthesis & osmosis

Zinc (Zn) (0.01%)

Improves growth hormone production and internode elongation


For yards, gardens, and fields: Use 2 cups per square yard. Mix with soil and fertilizer for best results.

For container plants: Create your soil mix by combining 1/8 Harvest Gold Silica with 7/8 soil mix and mix thoroughly.

*Application rates may vary based on soil, genetics, and conditions.