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454 Bags Vacuum Bags - with Re-Sealable Zipper

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454's proprietary plastic blend specific for cultivation. 5 mil thick for ultra odor control, high durability seal and 100% curbside recyclable.

These bags are wider which make for easier filling from a turkey bag or paper bag.

With black on one side you limit the light and UV exposure for better preservation.

Re-sealable zipper on one side so when it comes time to show off the product you can easily open and re seal the zipper. Here's how it works: Initially fill the bag on the open side (non zipper side) and vacuum seal. Your pound is now safe for transportation or preservation. When the bag arrives at its destination or you have a buyer coming to see it, simply use the pre-tabbed tear away above the zipper. Now you can open and close the bag at will with the zipper.