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Organitek Amplify Microbial Blend

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Makes your biology better

Increased soil diversity acts as one method to define improved soil or media environment.

Your end result: healthy root systems tend to support healthier and more productive plants.

With over ten years of scientific development, refined laboratory production, and incredibly successful customer feedback, Amplify offers a completely unique and unmatched biological profile paired with the production consistency required of a product designed for large scale commercial farming.

Whatever biology you currently employ, we make it better – giving you higher yields while reducing inputs.

Combined with our patented, proprietary brewing and fermentation process, Amplify is delivered stable and teaming with life. This means no unexpected explosions and sticky messes.

Amplify has amazing results when used by experienced commercial growers: Larger yields, higher quality, healthier plants, faster grow times, lower overall nutrient expenditures.

Amplify is also well suited for the hobby grower that needs an extra boost to help bring their plants to the next level.

One gallon of Amplify will treat over 7000 gallons of water/nutrient/tea blend.


With healthy microbial species inundating the rhizosphere, a lower possibility for more harmful soil life exists. With better microbes, we end up with a less stressful environment for the plant. In fact, a healthy dose of just one of our species promotes improved health. Our Bascillus subtilis actually synthesizes compounds which prevent plant pathogen development.


Supports full profile nutrient uptake for enhanced bloom production and larger yields. We offer a full spectrum microbial blend instead of a single, focused organism. With a diverse team of micro-professionals, your rhizosphere environment becomes more suitable for bio-available nutrient uptake. Improving both macro (N-P-K) and micro- nutrient uptake results in better blooms and healthier plants.

*Amplify is not yet available in every state.