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BioRadiance Wand BRe3

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Futuristic Light Technology Available Today

  • BRe³ is Safe and Natural for Greater Plant Safety and Superior Health Security
  • BRe³ Prevents Pathogen Infection and Cures Infected Plants Naturally Destroys Fungi, Mildew and Bacteria
  • Non-visible BRe³ Light Safe for Use from Day 1, No Residues or Toxins to Leave Behind
  • 5 Year Full Replacement Warranty
  • Grow the Healthiest Plants, Maximize Your Crop Potential
  • BRe3 is NOT UV
  • Naturally destroys mildew & bacteria
  • Accelerates plant growth, shortens your crop cycle
  • Accelerates photosynthesis, increases ATP production
  • Increases nutrient uptake, maximize your crop yield

Mechanics of the BRe3 Wand

The Coverage: The light strip is designed to complement your grow lights and work synergistically within your existing grow operation. We recognize each grow operation is unique so we want to work with your team to design the best combination of the number of strips and the installation configuration needed to create optimal performance. It's most beneficial to provide protection in the vegetation and flowering stages, but PDW strips are most effective when used in every stage, from clone to cure℠
Simply put, if the light emitting from the PDW strip can reach the plant, it will destroy the pathogens. Each PDW strip is designed to cover an approximately 8 sq ft area and protect four to six plants. The strip comes equipped with a hanging mechanism, enabling you to easily tailor the recommended hanging height of 18 to 22 inches to your specific coverage needs.


Dimensions: 1.3''H x 1.2''W x 46''L
Weight: 3 lbs
Materials: Each MaxStrip is equipped with plug in power source and hanging mechanism.
Body: Powder coated aluminum
Lens: Glass
Bulbs: 162 LED diodes
Light source: LED
Frequency Range: 60Hz
Voltage: 120 VAC
Energy Usage: 21 Watt energy (Average total energy cost is $22/yr.)