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DimLux Combidec Hose for Air Extraction-NanoTube - 50mm x 10m

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Combidec ducting hose is great for cooling DimLux lighting fixtures.

Combidec ducts are solid, very flexible, constructed of and extremely strong laminate material for different ranges of application.

The base of the Combidec series is an aluminum/polyester laminate with an outer jacket of copolymer.

The ducts can be attached easily to round and oval connection parts.

The Combidec ducting works with the heat extraction ventilation system on DimLux light systems.

It fits on the ports on the unit for passive heat extraction, meaning you can move your light systems closer to the plants.

Combidec ducting is available in 32 ft (10m) lengths with 50mm diameter.

Simply connect one end to the port on the light fixture and the other end to your current ventilation system.

Combidec Ducting is also great for use on the DimLux fixtures with Nanotubes.

How can I connect Dimlux 50mm Combidec Ducting to my current system?

Also available are DimLux custom metal T-pieces.

They are basically a metal tube with a branch off at 50mm for attaching the Combidec to.

All you need to do is make a break in the ducting, insert the T-piece and seal it the connections.

Finally, run the Combidec between each light and ventilation system.

Keep in mind that any air that goes up into the light fitting and into the system will be unfiltered. If that's an issue, we suggest either using a carbon filter in reverse, blowing through it, or get an inline filter/ Ozone generator.

The DimLux T-pieces are available in sizes 125mm, 150mm and 200mm. Click here to view them.