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DimLux Maxi Controller 1.3 with DataLog

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The Maxi Controller Datalogger can be used together with a USB stick to store all values measured by the controller in order to view these later in graph form on a PC. 

The controller writes the values onto a stick every minute. 

Up to 160 DimLux ballasts are controlled by 1 Maxi Controller, so all of the DimLux ballasts dim at the same time.

This is a feature that is particularly convenient with newly-planted crops: the light output can, for example, can be increased in 10% increments on successive days.

A maximum of 160 DimLux ballasts can be connected to one Maxi Controller.

The Maxi Controller can adjust the output according to the ambient temperature: the lamps are dimmed automatically when the temperature exceeds a maximum predefined level. 

DimLux ballasts used in combination with a Maxi Controller also offer many other functions and options.

Using the DimLux with a Maxi Controller enables you to plug the DimLux directly into a wall socket without needing an intervening relay, time delay unit or time switch – it's a system that pays for itself.