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RediRooted Aerating Plugs by Jiffy - 72 Cell Tray (6-Pack)

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Sold in quantities of 6.

Media Specifications

  • Grow Media : Jiffy® Blend 30
  • Composition: 70% Peat, 20% Coir, 10% Perlite, Binder
  • Fertilizers: 2.4 lbs/yd³ NPK, 5.1 lbs/yd³ Lime
  • Specifications: pH 5.0-5.6, EC 0.8-1.4
  • Sizes Available: 72 Count & 50 Count

RediRoot Aerating Plugs by Jiffy feature a uniform substrate with hundreds of micro air pockets evenly distributed throughout the plug. These air pockets stimulate superior fibrous root growth throughout the volume of the plug, making transplanting quicker and greatly reducing the risk of root damage and disease.

The bonded plug stays intact throughout the growing process, allowing the roots to optimally develop post-transplant. Cuttings grown in Preforma produce clean callouses and the active number of root nodes formed at the callous are increased and stimulate fast and multiple root development.

Directions to Get Growing!
Plant seed or cutting into center of the RediRoot Aerating Plug by Jiffy. No need to add any nutrients for the first 7 days of use– everything you need is in the plug!

Cover tray if needed and check daily until desired results are achieved. Because the plugs are pre-moistened watering is not generally required.

For best results transplant into RediRoot Plastic Aeration Containers or RediRoot Fabric Aeration Bags!