Grow Ray TR4 LED Light Fixture - 545w

Grow Ray TR4 LED Light Fixture - 545w

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  • Full spectrum lights produce much healthier and more fully developed plants
  • GrowRay’s spectrum includes supplemental far-red light to enhance desired morphological responses
  • Evenly distributed light to ensure uniform yield from edge to edge
  • Greenhouse low-shadow luminaire shape reflects light into canopy (patent pending)
  • Engineered for optimal thermal management to provide exceptional longevity and reliability

Input Voltage:
Autosensing 90-305VAC @ 50/60Hz, 347VAC & 480VAC on request

​AC Cordsets:
15′ length with NEMA terminations for 120-277VAC or bare leads for hard-wiring

Input Power:
545W, >90% efficient, 0-10V dimming (<0.5V = off)



GrowRay TR4 Data Sheet [PDF]

GrowRay TR Series User Manual [PDF]


TR4 Light Spectrum Chart